Manage Your Chores With Ease

Easily add your favorite recipes and share them with your loved ones
Effortlessly schedule your meals in advance
Instantly generate shopping lists tailored to your scheduled meals
100% free if you only manage 1 household

Screenshot of the household view in SimpleChore


The current version of SimpleChore is centered around meal scheduling and everything that is related to that. Since this project is still at an early stage, this might shift in the future. It is also a chance for you to be an early adopter and potentially shape the future of the product. If you have any wishes, check out the email provided here!

Craft and Share Recipes

Whip up delightful recipes and connect with others by sharing your culinary creations.

Effortless Meal Scheduling

Easily schedule and organize meals for your household with intuitive tools.

Streamlined Shopping Lists

Automatically generate shopping lists based on your scheduled meals, simplifying grocery trips and reducing waste.


You can manage your household for free using SimpleChore. If you need to run multiple households, you can consider upgrading to SimpleChore Pro.



Access all SimpleChore features for your household

  • All features, forever
  • 1 household

SimpleChore Pro


Manage as many households as you like

  • All features, forever
  • Unlimited households
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I'm Matthias, the creator of SimpleChore. I'm a Software Engineer based in Vienna, Austria.
If you have any questions or feature requests, feel free to contact me at hi(at)
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